Monday, November 18, 2013

Portsmouth Cathedral

Last Thursday we were at Portsmouth Cathedral to help out at an adult formation evening organised by Hannah Vaughan Spruce. The occasion was a talk given by Jeff Cavin, an American Scripture scholar, who has been touring England recently. Hannah wanted to ensure the evening had a "new evangelisation" dimension and so she asked us to help by leading the people in prayer and song. We were impressed so see over two hundred people, many of them young adults, turn out for a great evening in which Jeff spoke about his journey away from the Catholic faith into evangelical Christianity and then his gradual reversion to the Church through scholarship.
Jeff, who was once an evangelical minister, has developed a really useful study guide to the scriptures called "The Bible Timeline", as well as a shorter introductory one called "A Quick Journey through the Bible". We will be using some of his materials for our own formation next term.

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