Thursday, October 03, 2013

Our Secret Weapon...

Bringing together a load of dedicated young people is a bit like lighting the blue touch-paper and standing back to see what happens. Recently Michael came up with the idea that if the Holy Father wanted us to go out and evangelise then he should come along too. A few days later the doorbell went and a somewhat bemused delivery man stood there with an enormous flat box. With great excitement it was opened to reveal a life-size cut-out of Pope Francis himself. The next day he was hopping on a bus to attend a series of Freshers' Fayres at both the university of Kent and Christchurch university. He certainly proved a hit with students pausing to have their photograph taken with the Pope or give him a "high five". And all the while those manning the CathSoc stalls were able to harvest record numbers of new names. 

Michael and Pope Francis taking on the smell of the sheep...

The labourer deserves his wages and so a few days later members of the team were invited to enjoy a meal with Fr Peter Geldard and the students at the Catholic Chaplaincy for the University of Kent:
The start of term at St John Stone House

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