Thursday, October 03, 2013

Not the Spanish Inquisition

We have been very blessed at the Vocations Centre to have a wide variety of lecturers give up their time to introduce our students to the fundamentals of philosophy and theology. Apart from seventy classes on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, we have had training in apologetics and engaging with the questions people have these days. We will also have introductions to Sacred Scripture, to Christology and Ecclesiology, to epistemology and to Church history.

It must be a bit disconcerting for our lecturers, however, to have to deliver their classes with the Holy Father peering over their shoulders. If Fr Tim Finigan in the photograph above is looking a bit intimidated at first, he soon got into his stride and warmed to his topic with his usual clear delivery and good humour!

For  Anthony and Will, of course, having the Pope hanging around is just part of the experience of life at the Vocations Centre... although we are still waiting for him to wish us "buon pranzo"...

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