Monday, October 28, 2013

Excursion Day

At the Vocations Centre we live quite a tight daily schedule. Tuesday is a "house day" when we take on very few external commitments and can dedicate more time to ourselves. Once a fortnight Fr Terry Martin comes over to give a spiritual input to the students and also to hear confessions and offer spiritual direction to those who would like to speak with him. Apart from that the other days are available for apostolic activities and / or formation classes. So it is quite important that we build in some 'down time' together which we do by scheduling in excursion days. One such day took us to the beautiful town of Rye where we had an enjoyable lunch and then took the opportunity to explore the town, looking out for the homes of its famous inhabitants. We also called in on the local Catholic Church to visit the Blessed Sacrament and where - to my surprise - I discovered that Rye is not actually in Southwark at all. It was annexed in the great divide by Arundel & Brighton. Even Nemo was left growling when he was told by a local canine.

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