Sunday, June 16, 2013

Another Update on the Chapel

We are very grateful to all our benefactors who have offered to help with the restoration of the Chapel here at the Vocations Centre. The work is progressing well and the sanctuary is almost complete. The gold paint, which was paid for by a benefactor, has arrived and is really making a difference to the chapel not only because of the lettering but also because we are using it to lift the ceiling by highlighting the decorative bars in the barrelled vault. It breaks up the ceiling and makes it much more attractive.I am especially grateful to those of you who offered to help us get a new Ambo for the Liturgy of the Word. The Ambo is being made at a workshop in Madrid and will be shipped out to us in an unfinished state - not only because this is cheaper but also because it means we can varnish it ourselves to match the Altar. I am also grateful for the gift of a new plinth for the statue of Our Lady which has already arrived and which we have now stained although we don't plan to put it up until the work on the Chapel is nearing completion.
This week we are going to restore the wooden floor on the sanctuary. If anyone wants to help us with the cost of hiring a sanding machine and the materials necessary for this job please email me.

Here is a photograph of the sanctuary now that the lettering has been finished. The inscription reads "Launch out into the deep and pay out your nets for a catch":

Click on the picture for a larger view


Tony West said...

It would be better to have the hanging crucifix placed over the altar (cf GIRM) so that you do not need to duplicate a crucifix on the altar and tabernacle as well. I think it looks too fussy!

Fr Stephen said...

Thank you.