Friday, May 31, 2013

Before and After Photographs: the Garden

I am really appreciative to all the people who take an interest in our work here at the Vocations Centre . Quite a few people saw the state it was in last summer and recently a lot of people have asked me how things are going so I thought it was about time we published a few posts with before and after photographs. 

Here's a photograph of the garden when I arrived last August. It had been neglected for two years and was completely overgrown. Once we had cleared it we discovered paths, benches, ponds, and even a statue we didn't know existed! The restoration of the garden has been done largely by Tomasz, one of the residents here at the Vocations Centre who has just been accepted to train for the priesthood for our diocese.

Believe it or not, this is more or less the same view, just taken from  an upstairs window so it includes the steps. To get your bearings look at the apple tree. In the older photograph it is just behind the washing line. The paths have been cleared and the hedge cut back so that we can now use them. The statue is now visible. Beyond the statue is a small rose garden which has also been restored. The garden extends behind and around the conservatory.  We have also repaired a glasshouse and are now growing tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuces. The gaps in the flowerbeds have been filled with seed potatoes - come September we will have six hungry mouths to feed!

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