Friday, May 31, 2013

Before & After Photographs: the Conference Room

The Conference Room and lounge now occupies the former library. When it was a library the room seemed very dark and somewhat tunnel-like. It had to be re-decorated to double as a room for meetings and presentations but also a place where young people could gather and relax. These two photographs show what we did:

The grey walls and curtains and the brown carpet gave this room a rather dingy feel. The chairs may have been suitable for people to read quietly or knit but they didn't allow for much movement other than the arrangement you see here because the room was substantially narrowed by the bookcases. Additionally, the lights hanging down from the ceiling gave the impression that it was quite low all of which contributed to making this a rather unattractive and uncomfortable room.

The solution, as we saw it, was to break the room into two distinct spaces with furniture arranged horizontally to give the impression of width as well as depth. We accentuated this by a little optical illusion: lowering the ceiling about six inches and setting the lights into it so that they didn't hang down and also meant we could integrate a projector, sound system and screen. The lower ceiling makes the room appear both wider and higher. Finally we changed the curtains for blinds set into the window recesses. Thanks to our benefactors we were able to buy all new furniture for this room.

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