Friday, May 31, 2013

Before & After Photographs: the Bedrooms

The Vocations Centre has nine guest bedrooms. Thanks to your generosity we were able to re-carpet them, buy new beds and wardrobes and replace all the pillows and duvets. I don't have any decent photographs that do justice to the state they were in before but these will give you some idea.

A feature of the rooms was that they were all painted in rather garish colours. They also had smelly threadbare carpets and rickety "built in" wardrobes. The photograph above was taken just as we began re-painting this room. You can see the finished product below:

If you look carefully you will be able to spot the same pink tiles - tiling isn't one of our skills and because we were relying totally on volunteers we had to leave them as they were. In fact, having chosen the colours carefully, they don't look too bad now.

This is another view of the same room. Every room now has a solid oak wardrobe bought by one of our benefactors. They also all have a desk and a more comfortable chair to sit and read. The rooms are simply decorated and each one has a different framed image of Our Lady.

I am sometimes asked what we did with the rubbish. Some things we were able to give away. So, for example, seminarians came and helped themselves to books. The Canterbury chaplaincy was the beneficiary of unwanted chairs and the students have received them with immense gratitude and enthusiasm. We also packed up lots and lots of boxes and delivered them to the Sue Ryder Charity shop in Tankerton. But most excitingly of all we had a succession of enormous bonfires as you can see above. I think that was the occasion some anxious neighbours called the fire brigade!

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