Monday, April 15, 2013

Visiting Priests

On Tuesday we were able to welcome the members of the Canterbury Deanery to the Vocations Centre for their scheduled meeting. For most of the priests it was their first visit to the Centre and a great opportunity to see our facilities. We met in the Conference Room, prayed in the Chapel, had drinks in the lounge and ate a very enjoyable lunch in the refectory which had been prepared by our residents.
Since the agenda was a bit thin (having been a dean myself I know that feeling), I was invited to give a short presentation on the work of the Centre and on vocations ministry today.

I am very happy to welcome priests and groups of priests to to Centre either for a visit or for a meeting such as this one. By visiting the Centre they understand better the work we do here and I think it somehow becomes all the more real. If we are to have an increase in priestly vocations in our diocese we need more priests to see the importance of promoting vocations in their parishes and supporting the initiatives we offer here.

This week we will welcome our first Ministry to Priests group which we are also looking forward to very much.

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