Monday, April 22, 2013

The Numbers Game

Please pray for the three men interviewed by the Archbishop on Wednesday 10th April and also for a fourth interviewed a couple of weeks ago. These four men are all applying for the priesthood in Southwark and are now coming to the end of the application process. Three of them will have their psychological assessment in Manchester which will form the last piece in the jigsaw enabling the Archbishop to make a final decision about whether to accept them and, if accepted, where they should study.

There are always three possible outcomes to the selection process: a candidate might be accepted to begin training immediately, his acceptance could be deferred to some time in the future, or he might not be accepted. In ash case we should recognise the generosity of these men towards God. It takes courage to put oneself forward. A deferral or non-acceptance can be tough. So let's pray for all four men.

By the end of July we will, please God, have had seven priestly ordinations in the diocese. It will be the largest number of ordinations in the diocese for many years and we should thank God for this great blessing. Even if all four applicants are accepted, however, it will not be enough to maintain our numbers at the seminary and so next year we can expect to have fewer seminarians. This highlights the need to pray for more vocations.

On the other hand, we have had a very promising few weeks at the Vocations Centre. Since Easter we have had eight men come to visit me down here in Whitstable. They are all at quite early stages in their discernment process and so need our prayers all the more. I am hopeful that some of them at least may apply for next year.

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Albert Einstein said...

If numbers are low, why don't you start accepting married men then?