Monday, April 15, 2013

Thank You

It has been a while since I've acknowledged the generosity of our benefactors in supporting the Amazon wish list on the side bar. I'll have to think of some new things to add to it!

We've recently picked up a couple of new Standing Orders. It helps us enormously to have a steady income and we now have quite a few benefactors who forgo a cup of coffee each week and send us the money saved by way of a Standing Order of £10 each month.

In July we will be taking a group of sixty five young people to Rome for a special pilgrimage to mark the Year of Faith: the Holy Father has invited "seminarians, novices and those on a vocational journey" to join him at the beginning of July. As you can imagine, it is beyond the budget of some students considering priesthood or religious life and so we are trying to subsidise them as much as possible. So if we could pick up another fifteen Standing Orders we might even be able to push that number up to eighty!

Running the Vocations Centre always brings its own challenges. We had a recurring problem with the heating system which seems finally to be fixed. In the end we went for the nuclear option of stripping down the three ancient boilers and giving everything a complete service. They've worked well since then but no sooner had they been fixed than the washing machine developed an ominous squeak which within a few days became a rattle. Declared obsolete, it soon seized up completely. I guess when the Sisters left two years ago it had settled itself down for a life of retirement only to be rudely awakened by our arrival - and constant call upon its services! After much researching on the internet we've had to buy a new one which will arrive, hopefully, next Monday. In the meantime it's trips down to our local launderette which, mercifully, is only at the end of the road!

So, as you can see we really do depend on our benefactors for whom we offer Holy Mass here in the chapel twice each month.

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