Saturday, March 09, 2013

Vocations News

It's been a while since we published the last edition of Vocations News which began in Spring 2003 - ten years ago - as a newsletter for priests in the diocese. In time we expanded it to an A3 sheet but printing and distribution costs eventually became prohibitive. For a while we published an electronic version to subscribers but it seemed very complicated to make it look attractive. Since starting the Vocations Centre I have been thinking that it would be important to try to resurrect the newsletter - it has about three hundred subscribers which is more than those who read the blog. Getting the template right is always going to be an issue but I've decided to go for something very simple - more along the lines of an email rather than a complicated e-newsletter. Today we sent our subscribers a copy of the new Vocations News. Having seen how it appears when the email arrived I can see it still needs more work to make it attractive and readable but I am reasonably happy with it as a first effort. 
If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter simply use the subscription form in the right-hand bar. Every newsletter contains a link at the bottom where you can also unsubscribe. I am not planning to "spam" your inbox so hopefully you will be happy to receive it.

You can see a copy of the latest edition here.

I'm very happy to receive suggestions on how the format could be improved. Please leave messages in the combox.

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