Sunday, February 10, 2013

Vocation Discernment Weekend

Here at the Vocations Centre we have had a full house this weekend with ten people staying here for a Vocations Discernment Weekend. We started with supper on Friday night which was followed by a talk on the basics of vocations discernment and then a Holy Hour ending with Compline. On Saturday morning after prayer and Holy Mass we had a second input on the Elements of Christian Discipleship. In the afternoon the talk was on signs and countersigns of a vocation. On Saturday evening we watched the film Cristeros which is about the persecution of Catholics in Mexico by the forces of secularism. The story is based on historical events and some of the main characters were beatified by Pope Benedict XVI. It was interesting to see how 'creeping secularism' can result in a bloody persecution of the Church simply because people lost sight of the primacy of conscience and so longer tolerated religious freedom. The English title is "No Greater Glory". Finally today the talk this morning sought to give some indications on where our participants might go from here, simple practical ideas to help them develop their Christian life.

I should add that Cristeros was a film on our Amazon Wishlist (see the side bar) and was bought for us recently by one of our benefactors.

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