Thursday, February 28, 2013

I've Adopted a Cardinal!

The German Youth 2000 site (Jugend 2000) has an imaginative project to encourage prayer for the new Pope: Adopt a Cardinal. Mine is HE Anthony Olubumni Okogie, the Archbishop emeritus of Lagos, Nigeria.
By adopting a Cardinal I commit myself to praying for him each day in whatever way I choose from now until three days after the election of the new Pope. I am pleased to start doing this now as the Cardinals will begin their Congregations tomorrow - the time when all of them, electors or not, will begin discussing the qualities they believe a successor to our beloved Benedict XVI will need.
At the time of writing 126432 people have adopted a Cardinal. How many will it be when you adopt a Cardinal by going to the website here?


marzena said...

Brilliant idea!I adopted too and so did my husband. By spiritually supporting our cardinals we wish to express our love for Christ's Church.

marzena said...

Brilliant idea! I adopted and so did my husband.