Wednesday, February 27, 2013


There is always something to be done at the Vocations Centre. Currently we are decorating the bedrooms. So far we have finished three of them so there are only six more to go. It is amazing to see the difference a couple of coats of paint can make. Each room takes about five litres of emulsion at about £5 per litre - so if anyone would like to help us out please do so! Don't forget we remember all our benefactors at Mass each month.

So far we have gone for a sharp, clean blue-grey colour in the rooms. This has been determined by the colour of the curtains that are already on the windows. Before long, however, we will have to think again about colours because we will be moving into rooms with some quite distinctive curtains that definitely wouldn't go well with that colour. The Vocations Centre was built as a Convent and most of the curtains are the same but every now and again there is a set that either reflects whatever material was inexpensive at the time, or a particular sister's sense of individuality. It is not always clear which!

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