Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Vocation Discernment Weekend for Men & Women

Next Friday we start a special Vocations Discernment Weekend for men and women here at the Vocations Centre. We all have a specific vocation from Christ be it to marriage, consecrated life, apostolic celibacy or ordained ministry. For many the difficult part is working out what that vocation is and also sometimes having the courage to put ourselves in the Lord's hands and allow him to lead us forward.
During this weekend we will look at some of the fundamentals of vocations discernment starting with our baptismal call to holiness and the requirements of Christian discipleship. We will look at some of the traditional signs we expect in vocations discernment and also at some of the things that hold us back.
This weekend is for young adults under thirty years of age. As we get older some of the signs are harder to discern and I am happy to run a similar weekend for older people if anyone is interested. Feel free to contact me by email at the Vocations Centre.
It is a weekend open to men and women but please bear in mind our accommodation is very limited - so you need to book early! For an application form, or to enquire about a weekend for older people, please contact me here.

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