Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Marriage Discernment Weekend

Life is getting back to normal after a busy couple of weeks at the Vocations Centre. As I mentioned in the previous post we had a marriage discernment seminar here last weekend. We also had a religious brother staying for a few days of prayer and reflection as he prepares to renew his vows this week and, the week before we had a group of young people here for a week-long retreat.
The photograph above shows Fr Richard Aladics and some of the participants in the marriage course. 
Reflecting on the theme of the Vocations Centre, that "Discipleship Discerns Vocation", and my recent trip to NET Ministries in the United States, it seems to me that even before weekends like this one (excellent as it was) there is a need for some formation in topics such as masculinity and femininity. I realise, of course, that saying that will conjure up in some people the spectre of putting girls in pink dresses while sending lads out to chop down trees. But that is not what I mean! In marriage we speak of the complementarity of the sexes and so I am speaking of the need to explore the ways in which the sexes complement each other. I'd be interested to know what readers think.

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