Friday, January 25, 2013

Discerning Marriage Weekend

We have a full house this weekend at the Vocations Centre as young men and women from all over the country have gathered together to reflect on Matrimony as a specific vocation within the Church. Over the weekend they will be looking first of all at the nature of Christian Relationships. This will lead into a discussion of marriage in contemporary culture and in the words of Christ. One session will look at the bigger picture, the social dimension of marriage and family life. Finally the weekend will conclude with a session on what is required if we are to embrace the vocation to marriage.
It is not a marriage preparation weekend in the traditional sense and none of those participating are engaged. Rather it is a chance for young people, open to God's will, to spend some time reflecting on one of the most neglected vocations in the Church.

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Pilgrim.Claz said...

Praise God! It's awesome to see that this kind of weekend is possible. It's a massive step in the right direction, that is going to truly impact many young people's decisions not just before marriage, but after marriage too!

Praying that more like this will spring up around the country... and great to see the Southwark Vocations Centre pioneering this initiative!

God Bless!