Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Venerable English College Welcomed by the Holy Father

Southwark Seminarian Luke de Pulford meets the Holy Father
This year the English (& Welsh) College in Rome is celebrating its 650th anniversary taking it back to its origins as a hospice for pilgrims from England and Wales. All year there has been speculation among the students that the Holy Father has wanted to mark the anniversary in some way. I've occasionally had emails suggesting I venture out for a particular date because, nod nod, wink wink, the Pope is going to come to the College and that's when it will be!
In fact, in his inimitable style, the Holy Father did find a way of marking the anniversary by inviting the whole College to a private audience with the request they take with them the relics of the first of its forty four martyrs, Ralph Sherwin, so that he could venerate them. The audience took place yesterday morning, a couple of days after the feast day of the College martyrs.
In the photograph above one of our Southwark students, Luke de Pulford, meets Pope Benedict. I don't know whether the other students were presented in the same way and got similar pictures - I hope so or there will be a lot of upset mothers out there!

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