Friday, December 28, 2012


An email from a friend in America while I was away in Rome contained an unexpected observation: "I tried calling you but you don't seem to have an answer phone". I guess if you live in the US it is possible to imagine that there could be places in England without such basic equipment but as it happens we do have an answerphone and it should kick in if a called is not picked up. Having arrived home the telephone appeared to be working properly until one day I picked it up to make a call and found someone on the line trying to call in. After various tests it became apparent that I could dial out but that incoming calls did not ring. BT assured me it wasn't a fault on the line and that it was probably faulty equipment but that they would send an engineer. He came this morning. It turns out the problem is not uncommon and was with the exchange - not my equipment. It is now fixed and everything is working fine.
It does, however, leave me with some questions: what would have happened if I had spent a fortune on a new telephone - would BT have refunded me? There must be lots of people who do just that. The other question is that I wonder how many calls I have missed - especially from religious booking for the  course that begins in January.
If you tried calling I apologise for the inconvenience of not getting an answer. The best way to get me is by email. If you do call to book for one of the January courses please note that I will be away at a conference from 1st January and it would be best to get in contact before then.

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