Monday, December 03, 2012

Diaconate Ordination

Dan Fitzpatrick with me and Southwark Seminarian Sam Davey

On Saturday an early morning start from the Vocations Centre ensured I avoided the Christmas shopping traffic on the motorway network to arrive at Oscott College in good time for their diaconate ordinations. The trip was uneventful apart from the last couple of hundred yards when I passed a fellow dressed as an elf waving wildly to drivers to get them to turn off into a Christmas emporium. No matter how desperate I might be for Christmas tree lights, I thought, the sight of a scene from "Home alone' or some other cheesy Christmas movie was enough to ensure I would never call in there. Having arrived early at Oscott and met up with some seminarians we decided to pop out for a quick coffee - and just a few minutes later I found myself waling past said elf into his Winter Wonderland! The sight of such an array of Christmas baubles was too much for one of the seminarians who was moved to reveal the most traumatic event in his life - the year his father took down the Christmas decorations... Fortunately he made a swift recovery and no appointments were made with counsellors. A quick latte later we were back at Oscott where me met Dan Fitzpatrick, one of the day's ordinands, looking petrified but able to muster a smile for the photograph above.
Dan lived at the presbytery in Balham for a month while getting experience with the Bishops' Conference Communications department in London. He is from Hexham and Newcastle Diocese and spent a year working at the wonderful Youth Village they have up there. He initially started training for the priesthood at Ushaw where he and fellow seminarian Frankie Mulgrew started a series of Vocations Podcasts which have featured previously here on the Blog.
It was great to be there for Dan's ordination and to catch up with many seminarians who have attended Quo Vadis, Invocation and other events over the years. Please keep them in your prayers.

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