Friday, December 28, 2012

Candidacy at the English College in Rome

Last week I was in Rome to attend the Candidacy of Matthew O'Gorman, one of our seminarians. Matthew was one of four men receiving Candidacy, there were also two men from Leeds and one from Clifton. The Mass was celebrated by Archbishop Arthur Roche, the new Secretary for the Congregation for Divine Worship who is currently living at the English College while an apartment is being prepared for him in Rome. The Archbishop preached a very thoughtful sermon inspired by the Book of Songs from which the first reading of the Mass was drawn. 
As the name suggests to receive Candidacy is to become a Candidate for Holy Orders and, in England and Wales at least, is usually the last formal step before ordination to the diaconate. Matthew continues his studies in Rome and is due to be ordained a deacon in July 2014.
It was nice to spend a few days in Rome meeting up with our students. The Rector of the English College, Mgr Nicholas Hudson, is a Southwark priest and it is always clear that link is very special to him. He is also outstanding in his hospitality and the warmth of his welcome.

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Fr Ray Blake said...

Congratulations to the excellent Matthew.