Monday, December 24, 2012

Another Special Delivery

Sorry to have been a bit quiet on this blog recently. I'm been quite tied up since the Advent Retreat at Wonersh. This included the diaconate ordinations on 15th December (I've been promised some photos by the Rector so I'm holding off posting on that wonderful occasions until they arrive) and then a flight to Rome on Sunday 16th where I was able to catch up with the seven Southwark men studying there and also be present for when one of them was admitted to Candidacy for the Priesthood by Bishop Arthur Roche. Again, I will post more about this once I have unpacked my camera!
I got home last night and was able to help with Confessions here in the parish this morning before driving to Bluewater for some Christmas shopping. Father Christmas, however, came early to the Vocations Centre where there were no fewer than two items from the Amazon Wishlist waiting for me on my return. This time one of them had a note telling me who sent it and perhaps the other one was from the same person. Either way I am extremely grateful to our Benefactors who are remembered twice a month in the Masses celebrated for their intentions.We now have a new toaster to replace the somewhat damaged one we've been using until now, and we also have a drainer for the kitchen sink.
Do take a look at the Wishlist if you get a moment. At present we are trying to foci primarily on things we need for the kitchen.

I hope to catch up with some posts - and lots of emails - on St Stephen's Day...

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