Thursday, December 13, 2012

Another Advent Retreat

I've just returned from St John's Seminary where I have spent the last few days preaching the Advent Retreat to the students. Although the retreat began on Sunday night and ended this morning there were only three days of meditations or spiritual conferences. On the first day we looked at the wonder of a priestly vocation and the need to draw strength from the One who calls. On the second day we looked at the society we are called to serve and what it needs. I also posed the twofold question: what sort of priest would you like to be and what sort of priest will you actually be? Yesterday we looked at celibacy as a way of loving and the Holy Eucharist. We finished this morning at Mass with a reflection on Our Lady who is invoked at Wonersh as Regina Cleri -or Queen of the Clergy.
I was very impressed by the students who entered the spirit of the retreat with great seriousness - even to the point of an almost universal observance of the silence. The motto of the seminary is Spes Messis in Semine - the hope of the harvest is to be found in the seed. It seems to me that there is currently very good seed germinating at St John's.

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