Tuesday, December 04, 2012

A Kindly Mum...

The ink was barely dry on that last post when this came through the mailbox:

Dear Father Stephen,
I hope your arm is getting better. I noticed on the Vocations Blog that you had a photo of Luke with Pope Benedict .If you go to VA NEWS The Vatican Today on the right hand side there is a mention of the English College’s Visit. If you click on that and then on tv video news you will find a short video of the Papal Audience which will please a great many mothers !

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Et Expecto said...

How nice to see so many young seminarians properly dressed in cassocks. You would not have seen that seven years ago.

It is alleged that in 2005 the seminarians from the English College did not take part in a procession to welcome the new Pope because their rector did not agree with them wearing cassocks. Can anyone verify this story?