Thursday, November 01, 2012

Samuel Group in SE London

Sr Anne Griffiths has been in touch with news that plans are afoot to start a Samuel Group in South East London. 
Samuel Groups are for single young adults (18-30s), who are wondering what God is calling them to do with their lives. The aim is to help participants discern their direction in life, whether this is to marriage or dedicated single life, to priesthood or consecrated life. It would also suit those who are making decisions about their career, or about spending time as a missionary or volunteer. 
All those who take part grow in their understanding of what it is to make decisions as a Christian; the main aim is that participants will end the programme with a clearer view of God's will for their life.
Participants take time to listen to God and to His Word speaking to their life. They commit to attending monthly meetings with the group, and to meeting individually with a spiritual guide.

Samuel Groups are one example of what we call a "discernment group". Others models of discernment groups are the Quo Vadis Groups in Southwark and Birmingham and the St John Vianney Group in Arundel & Brighton. They are all very different but if you can find the right one to suit your personality you may well find it a great help in recognising and responding to your vocation.

For more information about the SE Samuel Group or to find one near you contact: .

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