Saturday, October 20, 2012

Young Apostles Visit the Vocations Centre

Evangelical, vocational, and missionary - three words which aptly describe my visitors today. After a Holy Hour in the chapel with Br Angelo from the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal we celebrated Mass together and then had a good look round the new centre before a delightful lunch of pasta and Spanish meatballs. After lunch we spent some time moving furniture, unpacking the new luxury duvets and pillows bought by a benefactor, and tidying the bedrooms before going for a leisurely walk through the harbour and along the seafront. We got back to the Vocations Centre in time for a cup of tea and some prayer together in the chapel before lighting a great bonfire. During the day we spoke of forthcoming events at the Centre, including the catechists' week towards the end of this month (we still have a couple of places because two people have had to drop out -  let me know if you're interested). We also discussed the possibility of a weekend Frassati retreat for young adults.

Not everyone is called to priesthood or religious life. Indeed not everyone is called marriage either because some people are called to apostolic celibacy, that is to live unmarried in the middle of the world. Everyone however is called to be an apostle. We cannot be indifferent to the spiritual needs of our friends and colleagues. We cannot allow ourselves to treat the faith as if it were a sort of spiritual “comfort blanket". The church has a great need of committed young men and women, married and single, who take seriously their call to be saints in the middle of the world. There they are called to be apostles and there they will encourage others to value priestly and religious vocations and in that way help support young men and women to whom the Lord has entrusted a special call.

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