Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The Vocations Centre

After many weeks of imposed silence I am finally able to start posting again. I moved to the new diocesan Vocations Centre on 17th August but it wasn't until today that BT was finally able to give me a landline and with it broadband access. It has been a long wait but there has been plenty to be getting on with. The Vocations Centre needs a lot of work to get it up to speed. The diocese paid for the installation of three new showers and for the redecoration of three rooms on the ground floor. This means we now have a conference room with state of the art audio-visual facilities. We also have a good sized room to act as the Vocations Office and a small but comfortable lounge. The diocesan budget did not cover refurbishment for which I have been reliant on the generosity of friends and benefactors. One former parishioner, for example, has paid for all the bedrooms to be re-carpeted (they are being laid this week) and another has bought nine comfortable new beds.
I have also been very lucky to have experienced the generosity of groups of young people who have given up their time to help clear the place, move furniture and generally turn it into a suitable venue for a variety of vocations activities we are planning over the next few months. The first such group is pictured above after two days of assembling bookcases.
There is a lot of work still to be done. We have to get the plumbing sorted (the boiler doesn't work and we have a number of leaks!) but even so the vocations work has already begun. Last week we had our first young adults' retreat, tomorrow a group of priests will be staying overnight and later this month there will be a course for university graduates wanting to get involved with parish catechesis. 
One specific job I would like to get done as soon as possible will be the repainting of the corridors. Currently these have been described as 'dusty peach'. Apart from being a very ugly colour they are also looking very shabby. This project will cost an estimated £3,000. If anyone is willing to sponsor it please get in contact. Any donation is welcome and all donations by UK tax payers are eligible for Gift Aid which increases their value by 25%.

Over the next few days I will post more about the Vocations Centre and its contribution to vocations work in the diocese and beyond.

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