Thursday, October 11, 2012

Start of Year Retreat

Last week we had our first retreat here at the Vocations Centre as we welcomed the new team who will form this year's SPES group in Soho. Pictured here in the garden at the end of the retreat, the participants spent four days getting to know each other and spending extended times in prayer in our remarkable chapel. Each morning there was a meditation followed by Holy Mass. A time of manual work followed breakfast (thanks guys: the windows look great!). At midday the Rosary followed the Angelus. After lunch there was time to rest or explore the town, followed by an extended period of Eucharistic Adoration with another spiritual conference.
After supper we watched The Human Experience; The Calling; and Promises (a short documentary about life in the Holy Land).
During the retreat we were kept amused by Ambrose who, when he wasn't snoring, would get distracted during my conferences and who seemed more interested in rooting through rubbish than helping out at manual labour. His table manners were such that we decided he couldn't eat with us and was banished to the kitchen. I hope he doesn't get embarrassed by me mentioning his somewhat singular behaviour although, given he is a King Charles spaniel, he probably won't be reading this post.

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