Friday, October 26, 2012

No Ordinary Calling - Reprinted

Our book of stories of priestly vocations has just been reprinted by St Paul's. Because the second edition is the same as the first one - which sold out - it has been possible to republish it at a much reduced cost. You can order your copy from Southwark Vocations at £5.50 (excluding postage and packing). Just send me an email.
The book has been mentioned a number of times by Bishop Mark Davies in his homilies and I know a number of Vocations Directors have used it with their discernment groups.
No Ordinary Calling tries to answer the question about what sort of man Jesus calls to become priests by looking at the call as experienced by priests themselves. In it we meet, among others, a Communist Party activist; a lapsed student; an agnostic graduate and a scientist working on the Hadron Collider in Switzerland. None of them fits a neat profile. They are ordinary men who have happened to have received an extraordinary call. 
To choose to become a priest is indeed no ordinary calling: it requires faith, trust and confidence in response to God's call. Yet today more than ever the Catholic Church needs holy men to be priests to her people. In this book priests tell their own stories of how they were able joyfully to answer that call. It shows that young men are still becoming priests today, and will be helpful to anyone interested in knowing more about the priesthood.
As Archbishop Vincent Nichols says in the introduction: "The ordained priesthood is 'no ordinary calling'. It is not an easy way of life. But it is immensely enriching and rewarding. How else could it be for it is indeed a call from the Lord who wants for each of us only what is truly best".

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