Sunday, October 21, 2012

Helping the Vocations Centre

Lots of people have been incredibly generous in helping us establish the new Vocations Centre. We have been able to re-carpet all the bedrooms and to buy new beds, duvets and pillows for them as well. The Conference Room has been totally transformed and now has a comfortable, yet modern and snazzy feel. This week we hope to decorate the corridors (bye-bye 'dusty peach'!) and before long I hope to have a volunteer who will paint the bedrooms.
Many more people have asked how they can help and someone suggested I should establish an "Amazon wish list". The idea is that I list the sort of things we need (like bedside tables and lamps) so that anyone wanting to support our work to promote vocations can do so through their Amazon account. I've taken up the idea and will be interested to see how it works.

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