Friday, October 19, 2012

Handing on the Faith - A Course for Young Catechists

The Vatican Guidelines for Promoting Priestly Vocations speak of the importance of living and passing on the faith in order to promote vocations:

In particular, [the Church] tries to set before boys and young men the life-challenging faith that responds to the thirst for happiness residing in the human heart. This means offering the experience of faith as a personal, profound relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, the One who reveals the Mystery of God. The discovery of a vocation is born from a response of faith, especially when it is lived within Christian communities where the beauty of the Gospel is lived and where leaders and educators are capable of perceiving the signs of a vocation. In order to make real what the Christian faith proposes, which then leads to a response in terms of a vocation, genuine human relationships need to be encouraged. This should be done by educators and adult mentors in the faith, in the context of communities that have an attractive and exciting Christian life. It is advisable to be open in offering the possibility of priestly life to boys and young men and, at the same time, it is necessary to invite Christian communities to pray more intensely to ‘the Lord of the harvest’ (Mt 9:38) that he may raise up new ministers and new consecrated people. To do this, it is useful to support a general pastoral ministry in the local Churches, which is characterized by evangelical, vocational and missionary enthusiasm. 

I very much like that phrase: "evangelical, vocational and missionary enthusiasm"!

In order to support 'a general pastoral ministry in the local Churches', the Vocations Centre is offering a special training week to young Catholics who would like to get involved in parish based catechesis. The idea is to spend some time together in prayer and reflecting on the essential content of the faith and its transmission in a parish context.
The course begins on the evening of Sunday 28th October and finishes on Friday 2nd November. If you would like to join us for this young catechists' study week, and you fit the description of having 'evangelical, vocational and missionary enthusiasm' please contact us for more details.

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