Thursday, October 11, 2012

Discipleship Discerns Vocation

A Bony Bankart :-(  [not mine!]

Some of you have probably heard I had an accident which has knocked out my writing arm for at least six weeks. In theory there are four more to go but I heard today that I will have an MRI scan in a month's time to determine whether it is healing of its own accord or needs an operation. Please say a prayer I don't need an operation because the last thing I need is an operation - or to be precise another period of convalescence that would follow!
Currently dependent on one finger of one hand to type, it's not easy to dash off a quick blog post although I'm not doing too badly with correspondence. But there are a couple of articles I want to put out there sooner rather than later. Watch out for some reflections from me on "Discipleship Discerns Vocation". I still hear stories from my fellow vocations directors - and have experienced it myself - of an uncooperative spirit (to avoid the word 'hostility') from some people engaged in youth ministry in some schools and colleges who persist in the false belief that Vocation Directors are (and I quote) "only interested in getting the boys to become priests". It is a pity because not only are they not up to date with current practice in vocations ministry (the shift from recruitment to discernment) but they are missing out on the fact that what we can offer them is precisely the theological framework for their own ministry.
The second article I want to write is about discernment. Talking to someone the other day it became very obvious that we were using the word discernment in two quite different ways. He understood discernment to be a period of passive waiting until the next move became clear. For me that is not discernment but procrastination. Bartimaeus didn't wait passively. Despite the protests of the crowds, he called out as loudly as he could until Jesus called him forward. Discernment is not something passive. It is an active time of growth and maturing in various aspects of Christian life. I plan to explore some of them in future posts.

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