Monday, March 19, 2012

Talking to Clergy

Tomorrow I will be a Worth Abbey to give a presentation on Vocations Promotion to the clergy of Arundel and Brighton Diocese. My plan is to offer an overview of where we are today as regards vocations work. This will include some interesting statistics about the role of priests in promoting vocations to the priesthood. I'd also like to hear from the participants what they think are the obstacles holding priests back from encouraging men to think about their vocation.
A second part of the presentation will look at the paradigm shift that has taken place over the last few years as we have moved from a mentality of 'recruitment' to one of 'discernment'. I'd like to show how this finds its roots in the baptismal call to holiness and to present a scriptural model for vocations work with young people.
Finally I hope to look at the relevance of the New Evangelisation, which will be particularly interesting given the forthcoming Year of Faith, and to identify some of the characteristics of the new movements. I'm also planning to speak on how Eucharistic Adoration is a key means of promoting and sustaining vocations.
This is the second time I've spoken to the clergy of Arundel and Brighton and I am looking forward to being with them again.

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