Friday, March 02, 2012

The Calling

The Calling by Southwark Vocations

The Calling is an exciting new DVD produced by Southwark Vocations specifically to help promote priestly vocations in England and Wales. In it we follow Michael, a young Catholic, as he considers what to do with his life. His parents want him to get a job and his friends think he's silly to be worrying about the future, but Michael is sure there must be a purpose to his life and he sets out to discover it.

Archbishop Vincent Nichols says of The Calling:
"I welcome this new British film that will encourage all young people to discover their calling by spending time in prayer. In an attractive and modern way it invites us to face up to whatever may hold us back and to put our trust in God. It helps us recognise the urgency of saying Yes to God.
A useful resource for schools and parishes, it is also an inspirational film for all Catholic families. The scenes from the Papal Visit make this film by Vast Media a valuable contribution to the Papal Legacy in our country". 

The booklet accompanying the DVD includes a lesson and workshop plans for use in schools and catechetical settings as well as both a handy glossary of terms and a list of web-based additional resources for priesthood and religious life. Those who buy the DVD will also be able to access the members pages of the online Vocations Curriculum website.

The DVD has a run-time of 23 minutes making it ideal for schools. It is available from the Southwark Vocations Office for only £10.00.

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