Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wyoming Catholic College

Earlier this year a young American undergraduate spent a few weeks staying in the Vocations House as he completed an internship with a company in London. While here he was also discerning whether to go back to university or take up an offer of a place at Wyoming Catholic College, the newest of the Catholic Liberal Arts colleges in the United States. So I was interested to see this on YouTube:

In the end he decided to accept the place and later wrote to me about life in Wyoming:

"Wyoming is getting cold lately. It is usually below freezing in the mornings already. Haven't even seen any bears yet, unfortunately, but several of my friends have. I have eaten an elk, though, and seen several large moose at close range. I think that they know what they are doing here at the college; we get a pretty good Catholic formation here, with frequent access to the sacraments, a reverent liturgy, and we're learning Latin orally from a student of Professor Foster! Two nights ago we had a Tolkien appreciation banquet, with hobbit-style food and readings from Tolkien's works and letters. We can't get enough of you English over here".

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