Sunday, October 30, 2011

World Youth Day

World Youth Day by Southwark Vocations

When we were in Madrid for World Youth Day we stayed at the parish of Our Lady of Cana. We were staying in the rooms underneath the main Church which meant we had access to our own chapel for Mass and prayer each day. Meanwhile in the main Church, from the Monday of the week of World Youth Day, there was perpetual Adoration to pray for the event. It was impressive to see so many people coming day and night to pray before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. Each night at 10.00pm there was a Holy Hour preached by Don Jesus Higueras, the parish priest. On the Wednesday night the Quo Vadis group provided the music for this. Since there were 83 in our group it was relatively easy, after a bit of practice, to produce some music that was both reverent and substantial enough to aid the prayer of nearly four hundred people. Don Jesus' meditations are recorded and made available to those who can't get to Church so we were flattered the following morning when the person in charge asked us to re-record the first hymn as she hadn't caught it all. The photo above is of our 'choir practice'.

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