Friday, May 06, 2011

Working on a New Vocations Film

The last couple of days have seen some quite intense work on a vocations film project we've been engaged in for about a year now. We have quite a lot of footage, including some great shots of a Papal audience but need now to put the whole thing together. The film will be about twenty minutes long and will move from a generic inquiry about vocation to specific consideration of the priesthood. As yet we don't have a title but I'm sure one will come before too long. The sound-track for the film is being produced by Benedict Nicholls whose compilation in honour of Pope John Paul II inspired "The Quality of Mercy" a recent Oxford play directed by Teresa Caldecott. The film work and editing were done by Matt Goodman whose innovative style has won him much praise as well as the recent attention of some well-known Catholic producers.

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