Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pier Giorgio Frassati Society

One of the great activities we host in our parish for young adults is the Pier Giorgio Frassati Society which currently has over a hundred people on its mailing list. So many, in fact, that the President has to limit the number who attend the monthly meal and talk because we can't fit everyone in the room!
The Frassati Society offers young adults a chance to come together each month in different ways. Some of its activities offer service to the poor such as helping the Missionaries of Charity. I've heard back from the sisters who value the help given by the members. Each month there is a meal with a talk on some aspect of Christian life. At the last meeting I addressed the group on the theme: "Blessed are the Persecuted". The important thing in these talks is to try to find ways of making them applicable to the daily life and lived experience of young adults. Bl Pier Giorgio Frassati was a great fan of outdoor activities and so from time to time the group holds a hike or other excursion. The photograph above is of some of the group members enjoying a pub lunch during a hike in the Surrey hills.

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