Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Invocation 2011 - Time is Running Out...

With only a few weeks to go to this year's Invocation Festival, I thought it would be sensible to remind you all of the need to book beforehand. Catering for over four hundred people is no joke and the staff at Oscott will need to have a pretty good idea of how many will be attending. So PLEASE don't leave it until the last minute. Download a booking form or book online.
We need you help to reach as many young people as possible. Last year a number of young people mentioned they came because they saw Invocation advertised in their parish newsletter. However, lots more said they had heard about it from a friend but hadn't seen it advertised in their parishes. So it seems to me that we have two tasks:
1.   To get it advertised in every parish newsletter in the country. Potentially this would enormously increase the numbers of people attending. Can you mention it to your parish priest?
2.  To get it advertised through all other available channels: university chaplaincies, ethnic chaplaincies, youth groups, youth services, and any others you can think of. Why not leave a comment in the combox to share ideas....

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