Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fr Stan Fortuna in Balham

On Saturday night we hosted the inimitable Fr Stan Fortuna here in the parish. Fr Stan is well-known as the 'rapping priest'. I've heard him on a number of occasions and I think in Fr Stan's case its wrong to separate the from from the content. The musical genre is rap but the content is pure John Paul II, whom Fr Stan describes as his hero.

Fr Stan was in the parish for a session of Catholic Underground which meets here every half term. The evening begins with a candlelit Eucharistic Holy Hour in the Church during which we sing vespers and priests are available to hear confessions. We then move to the school hall for an evening of contemporary musical entertainment.

This weekend Fr Stan was in competition with the cup-final between Manchester United and Barcelona but despite that a good crowd of nearly two hundred young people turned up for him.

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