Sunday, April 03, 2011

Vocation Voices Training Day

On Saturday we had a training day for the Vocations Voices project. The National Office for Vocations has offered every parish in the country a young person to come and talk about the importance of vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life on Good Shepherd Sunday which this year falls on 15th May. This was the first of a number of regional training days run by Fr Christopher Jamison. If we are to meet all the requests from parishes we will need a lot more young people to get involved so do please email me if you can help. A number of the people who came on Saturday were quite nervous initially but found the day really boosted their confidence and it was great to see how they will all give excellent testimonies. It was an ideal occasion for a photograph with the new Southwark Vocations Surfboard! The board was made by a young friend of mine who can make bespoke designs and who is working on a project to make surfing accessible to disabled people. For more information visit his Surfbod website.

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