Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Vocations Retreat at Wonersh

Retreatants Joined the Seminary for the Liturgy of the Hours
Last weekend twenty-three young men descended on St John's Seminary for our annual Vocations Retreat. The Retreat began as a joint initiative between Southwark and Arundel & Brighton but in the last couple of years it has welcomed participants also from Portsmouth and occasionally Plymouth as well, so it was nice to have Fr Mark Hogan from Portsmouth join us for the activities on Saturday.
The programme of the Retreat isn't intense, partly in recognition of the fact that those attending come from fairly hectic schedules and partly to ensure there is time for anyone who wishes to have a chance not only for personal prayer but also to chat individually with a priest.
One of the noticeable things about this year's retreat was how much the average age has decreased since we began five or six years ago. The majority of participants were university students or had recently left university. This probably reflects the important work now being carried out in our dioceses by discernment groups for younger vocations such as the inter-diocesan Quo Vadis Group.
For more information about Vocations activities in Southwark contact the Vocations Office.

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