Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stories of Priestly Vocation

One of our projects for the Year of the Priesthood was a book published by St Paul's called "No Ordinary Calling".  The publication was initially delayed by internal problems at St Paul's and when it eventually came out I was involved with distributing thirty thousand tickets for the Papal Vigil at Hyde Park which took up all our time!
The book consists of thirteen personal accounts of priests explaining what led them to the priesthood. Some had thought about being a priest from an early age while for others it had never figured at all in their expectations. In the book a former Communist explains how his search for truth led him to faith, two brothers describe their different paths to priesthood, a young professional describes how attending Mass for the first time led to his conversion, and a particle physicist at CERN explains how his knowledge of science deepened his faith.
In the foreword to the book Archbishop Vincent Nichols writes: "To choose to become a priest is indeed no ordinary calling: it requires faith, trust and confidence to respond to God's call. Yet today more than ever the Catholic Church needs holy men to be priests to her people. In this book priests tell their own stories of how they were able joyfully to answer that call. It shows that young men are still becoming priests today, and will be helpful to anyone interested in knowing more about the priesthood".

"No Ordinary Calling - Stories of Priestly Vocation" costs £9.95 and is available from St Paul's as well as from the Southwark Vocations Office.

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