Thursday, March 24, 2011

New website for St Cecilia's Abbey

First Vows
I was delighted to hear today that the Benedictine Sisters on the Isle of Wight have a new website. It loos great and I do encourage you all to have a look. Those of you who were at Invocation 2010 will remember we had a letter from the nuns telling us they were praying for the success of the weekend although, of course as enclosed religious they couldn't join us in person. 
Having said that, the eagle eyed among you may recognise one of the girls from Invocation among the postulants. St Eustochium tells me there is a nice group of sisters who are in their twenties "but we should welcome many more if they presented themselves".  Let's keep the sisters in our prayers and pray also that many more do indeed present themselves!

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