Sunday, March 27, 2011

Forty Days for Life

Today we had presenting in our parish Robert Colquhoun from "Forty Days for Life". Robert spoke briefly and to the point about the need for Christians to take seriously their role in building a Culture of Life. I was reminded of Mary Ann Glendon's speech at the Beijing Conference some years ago when she asked whether we can be content to accept that all our society has to say to a woman who is alone, frightened and pregnant is that she has the right to an abortion.
To create a Culture of Life we need to begin in our schools. Over the years I have known many young men and women involved in a pro-life ministry to schools. Lamentably the story is always the same. Occasionally they are welcomed in by those Catholic schools known for their Catholic ethos and their work is valued. More often than not, however, they are invited along as one of a number of speakers presenting different 'points of view' including school nurses and others actively opposing the Church's teaching.
However, in my experience more and more young people are beginning to take their faith seriously and to recognise that they are called to make a difference. Perhaps, before long, we will see English youngsters using their talents in the way these American young people do in the following video...

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