Thursday, March 03, 2011

Back from Milwaukee

I got back last week from the Vocations Conference at the Sacred Heart Seminary, Milwaukee. It took a while to get over the 'jet lag' but I reckon I'm pretty well there now. The Conference took place at the Sacred Heart Seminary and I thought you might like to see some photographs. It was, of course, still winter and the snow was deep on the ground. Although there is much more snow than we get over here, it is also much more manageable. For a start it is much colder: when was the last time you experienced -15 Celsius in England? With temperatures that cold there is no moisture in the air and the snow is 'dry'. In those conditions when the sun comes out the snow melts but the moisture evaporates quickly. Add to that the fact that snow-ploughs are everywhere and you get a situation where the roads are clear and pavements slush-free!

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