Monday, February 14, 2011

The Prodigal Blog Returns

Over the last few months many people have asked me what has happened to the Blog? The answer is surprisingly mundane: having updated the website on Apple's excellent iWeb, I found I couldn't update the newly integrated Blog unless I was at the office computer. This meant that a lot of potentially interesting posts got delayed and eventually the Blog fell into disuse.
However, since so many people have asked me, and since quite a few have said they found it helpful, I've decided to go back to the more flexible Blogger in order to start posting again.
Of course it's never easy to resurrect a blog - so no promises! I'm grateful, however, to one of our seminarians who took the template and gave it a fresh new look. Makeovers seem to be the in thing at present.
Oh, and I should mention - I'm posting from Milwaukee!

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