Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Institute for Diocesan Vocations Personnel

I mentioned yesterday that I am currently in Milwaukee attending a vocations conference. It is a meeting organised by the National Conference of Diocesan Vocations Directors (NCDVD)held every two years in the Sacred Heart School of Theology - a seminary for later vocations. The meeting is a sort of induction week for new Vocation Directors and there are just over thirty of us here.
Of course, I am not a new Vocations Director but I've come for a couple of reasons. First of all to see how things are done over here and to get fresh ideas. Secondly because part of the week is dedicated to psychological assessments - an area of selection we are examining in greater detail in England and Wales at present.
We began with a day of recollection yesterday. In the evening we had a presentation of the "Nine Principles of Vocations Ministry". This morning we looked at the "Promotion and Development of a Comprehensive Program(sic)". This afternoon the presentation is "Administration and Running the Office". Tomorrow we have Mgr Stephen Rossetti giving us sessions on psychological assessments and psycho-sexual maturity. we also have two sessions on Discernment and two on Formation.
There is a lot to hear and I am finding it a very stimulating programme. It is also great to meet other Vocations Directors and hear from their experiences.
Apart from the benefit I am deriving myself from the week I am also growing in appreciation of what more we can do in the Conference of Diocesan Directors of Vocation, which I chair, to help us in our work back home.

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