Thursday, July 09, 2009

Dom and Phil's Bike Trip

This week two of the pilgrims from the Quo Vadis trip to Rome flew back to the Eternal City for a pretty daunting venture. Dom and Phil spent the night with a family I know in the north of the city before heading off yesterday afternoon for the start of their mammoth sponsored cycle ride from Rome to Walsingham via Medjugorje. If all goes well we will be able to greet them in Walsingham on Thursday 27th August at the start of the Youth 2000 retreat. The retreat, which takes place over the Bank Holiday weekend promises to be particularly busy this year with a large contingent of young people coming from Germany to join those who will gather in Walsingham under Our Lady's patronage from all parts of England, Wales and Ireland.

Dom and Phil have already worked and scraped together to raise the £2,000 to pay for their trip. (Dom has been working for me in the parish for the best part of this year and the parishioners are missing him!). They hope to raise at least another £2,000 in sponsorship all of which will go towards the Waslingham retreat. As Dom says, it would be nice to think that they raise more than the trip costs otherwise they will feel they could simply have donated the money themselves!

The Youth 2000 Retreat at Walsingham attracts over a thousand young people and costs over £80,000 to stage. Participants are only asked to make a donation and very few can afford to pay the real cost of £80 per person. That's why it is so important to organise fund-raising events and to rely on the generosity of benefactors who believe in the importance of rock-face evangelisation!

Could you make a donation? It doesn't matter whether you can spare £10, £100, or £1000. The fact remains that every penny counts. To sponsor Dom & Phil go over to this link where you will also have the possibility of Gift Aiding your donation.

The two cyclists have a Blog but I doubt they will have much opportunity to post much over the next two months - so on their behalf let me thank you for any donations you send in.

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